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Introduction to THC  
Although Taiwan is not a typical Muslim country, it is an open and multicultural society. Its Muslim population is about 50,000 people, which accounts for only 0.2% of its entire population. However, Muslims are by no means ignored. In addition, the majority of new immigrants and foreign workers are Muslims. Due to the increase of Muslim people coming to Taiwan in recent years, our government has started to align with the Islamic economy that has become a global trend.
In order to follow the religious regulations regarding dietary and lifestyle, Muslims consume and purchase halal-certified products. It is, therefore, essential to enhance the convenience of purchasing halal products in Taiwan. By doing so, a warm and friendly living environment will be created for Muslims in Taiwan, which will further realize the deeper meaning of the "people-centered" policy promoted by our government. In April, 2017, International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs entrusted the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to set up the Taiwan Halal Center. This will serve to assist professionally in promoting the Taiwan halal industry, both locally and globally. The core value of the Taiwan Halal Industry Promotion Center is being "people-centered". We aim to create a Muslim-friendly environment, in which Muslims can purchase quality products made in Taiwan without worry, and have more convenient lives here. Our missions are to build up the strength of the local halal industry, to build trust with Muslims abroad, to expand the Muslim market, and to establish a halal ecosystem in Taiwan.

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